Many of us these days are “time poor”, however we are still expected to operate at the peak of our game.

Enter iBites, a unique modular programme designed to give you just the knowledge you need when you need it. Programmes typically run over a 3 month period and involve 3 or 4 half day sessions followed up with short snappy online modules to back them up as well as the option for additional coaching by email, telephone or face to face.

These programs all involve the use of the Insights Discovery Profile, as the basis of the system, other modules are then added on based on individual requirements.

This modular approach still covers all the areas we specialise in, Leadership, Management, Sales and Team effectiveness.

The programmes currently available are

  • i:Pes – Ignite personal effectiveness system
  • i:Lead – Ignite leadership energy action and direction.
  • i:Moe – Ignite management operational effectiveness
  • i:Spa – Ignite sales planning action
  • i:Ted – Ignite team effectiveness dynamics

Please follow this link to arrange a free consultation.

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