Discover even more about yourself!

You have a already experienced an Insights Discovery profile, now it is time to take things to a whole new level, deeper than you have ever been before. The Deeper Discovery profile helps you to develop a profound level of self-discovery which has the potential to transform your approach to life and work.

It is completed on-line in less than 20 minutes and this generates a 13+ page report detailing,

  • Your Evaluator Responses
  • Dominant Attitudinal-Function
  • Auxiliary Attitudinal-Function
  • Carl Jung on You
  • Attitudinal-Functions Table
  • The Deeper Discovery Imprint
  • Deeper Discovery Colour Dynamics
  • The Deeper Discovery Wheel
  • Your Evaluator Response Analysis
  • Your Type Dynamics
  • Type Mobility Pattern
  • Inferior Attitudinal-Function

The Deeper Discovery profile takes you beyond exploring the “conscious you” into the realms of the less conscious and unconscious energies dynamically engaged in the development of your unique “Self”.

Want to know more?

For more information please download the following Deeper Discovery Fact Sheet.

Please follow this link to arrange a free consultation.

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