360 feedback with added Insights!

Insights Discovery Full Circle is based on the same principles as Insights Discovery, but it goes one step further in allowing you to learn more about how others perceive your preferences and behaviours. Once you’ve completed the Insights Discovery Evaluator, your selected feedback group are invited to complete a short Insights Discovery Full Circle evaluator about you.

Once all of the respondents have completed their on-line Insights Discovery Evaluator they will be asked to complete a further 10 questions and be given the opportunity to provide additional feedback.

This enables a profile to be created that combines self perception with the perceptions of the feedback group and uses the Insights Discovery framework to compare and contrast these perspectives.

The profile includes,

  • Overview
  • Characteristics based on Self Perception
  • Discovery Colour Dynamics
  • Characteristics based on Feedback Group’s Perception
  • Insights Discovery Full Circle Wheel
  • Insights Discovery Full Circle Colour Distribution
  • Perception Comparison
  • Personal Comments
  • Tips for connecting
  • Feedback Group Wheel Positions

Want to know more?

For more details please download the following.

Sample profile | Discovery Full Circle fact sheet

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