John Labdon Associates

Tony Wilson editor and publisher of some niche market shipping magazines. We employed the services of Ignite to add a professional sales structure to our advertising sales team and to work with them to implement this. I’m delighted to confirm that Ignite have added the spark we required, their approach to our problem was first rate and our share holders are so far delighted with the results. Now we have seen what can be achieved we fully intend to have Ignite work with our sales staff regularly to enable us to realise our full earnings capacity.

Steve Torjussen

It was great to work with you last week. you were a great support, facilitated some great learnings, built rapport with the guys very effectively, were always around to help out and picked up the workshop very quickly. Thank you. I hope you can join me for the remaining workshops. I think you will add great value.

Enrique Goddard

I was amazed to how accurate it actually was and surprised to how much detail the report held. I agreed with about 95% of the findings which was amazing.
It has allowed me to see how I operate and how I view others and is putting me in good stead in searching for my new career.
I would definitely recommend it to my friends as I reckon they will benefit from doing it.

Kerry Gibson

As a Career Coach I find the Insights Profile an invaluable tool when coaching my clients, it is amazingly accurate and intuitive and delivers a very personal insight into the individual that I am coaching, not only highlighting their characteristics, traits and strengths but also identifying areas for further development. All of my clients have fed back that it is a fantastic aid for personal development and have each benefited from completing one. I would highly recommend the Insights Profile for business owners, recruitment companies, coaches and individuals, it is an excellent profiling tool.

Jason Ferrier

I thought this course was fantastic and the training
has made me think more and will be a fantastic
support to me in the store. I really thought this
course was worthwhile.

Compared to previous selling courses I
have attended, this course was far more engaging.
I liked the presenter and believed in him and
wanted to work with him rather than the last
course which was totally opposite.

Tara Rizzuto

This course was very interesting and was a great
insight into Jung’s theories and was delivered in a
way that was easy to understand.

Compared to other training courses I have
attended, this course was much more interactive.
The trainer was enthusiastic and passionate for the

Jodi Armstrong

This course was excellent, the best course I have
attended so far. The wheel is a good way to
identify customers.

Compared to other training courses I have
attended, this course was interesting, engaging
and very accurate (not boring at all).

Peter Day

Very interesting and eye opening. The trainer very knowledgeable. Has made me more aware of my workmates and how they feel at work.

Much more interesting than other courses I have attended and very enjoyable. Brilliant course!

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