Paul Burton

Paul_PortraitPaul is a passionate and engaging trainer who utilises the latest Accelerated Learning techniques to create training interventions that really change behaviour quickly and makes sure that it stays that way.

Paul has worked in the Finance and Automotive sectors working with many manufacturers including Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Fiat, Renault, VW, Skoda, Kia, Jaguar and Land Rover. He has been involved in Sales programmes, Aftersales programmes as well as many coaching and development initiatives.

Outside of the automotive sector Paul has worked with companies large and small delivering Sales, management and leadership programmes, these companies include, kwikFit, Kelloggs, Asda, Transport for London, Carlyle Finance, Yokogowa, Stokvis Tapes, CMC Markets, Orange, Lebara, Riviera Maritime Media, Celtic FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Sky, Canary Wharf, Graham Packaging, Visit London and Coca Cola Enterprises.

Paul works throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East including, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iran, for many global companies such as BAT, Barclays wealth, Lloyds wealth, Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange Avid Technology, Digidesign, Du and Gulf News.

What Paul has learned over the years is that “Motivation” is the key to learning and development. All of his courses focus on the learner and what they want from the session, sessions are then tailored to ensure that the ideas can be applied in real work situations, making it easier to see the value and drive change in behaviour.

This aids organisations large and small to get the best from their greatest asset, their “People”.

Paul is an Insights Discovery Licensed practitioner and a qualified life coach.

Steve Torjussen

SJT business cropped

Steve has an invaluable understanding of personal and business dynamics and a genuine talent for developing unique training interventions for each client adopting new ideas and concepts to meet the challenges they face both today as well as the future.

Having managed and lead teams in a variety of industry sectors, including 7 years as the Sales Training and Development Manager for HSBC Bank, Steve has now developed his business consultancy skills and also works as a coach, conference speaker and author having written a number of titles related to learning, communication and inspiring leadership. This highly successful experience is consistently translated into measurable learning and development at all levels, returning quantifiable results time and time again.

He has trained thousands of people from a wide variety of business sectors and is proud to have worked with clients that include First Direct, Geest Plc Land, Securities Trillium, W S Atkins, Capita Plc, Barclays Bank, the BBC, Alliance Healthcare, Hanson Plc and Mercer.

Steve strongly believes that there is enormous, passive and underdeveloped potential both within organisations as well as within ourselves that needs energising and liberating and would love to work with you to achieve that.

Elly Ambrose


Elly is extremely passionate about delivering Training and Coaching and being able to help clients learn new skills as well as developing the skills they already have. Elly specialises In Sales and Soft Skills training covering areas such as Sales Process, Sales Management, Telephone Selling, Customer Service, Effective Relationship and Rapport building, Communication Skills and is also a NLP Practitioner and accredited DISC Coach.

Using DISC, Elly helps clients with Behavioural Change, Growth Coaching, Recruitment and Conflict Management.
Being able to understand the different behaviours individuals possess and the motivators behind those behaviours is so crucial in being able to develop weaknesses into strengths and identifying who is suitable for which role within a business as well as being able to eliminate areas of conflict in teams.

Elly’s primary industry is Automotive and in the last 19 years has worked with manufacturers and dealer brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Honda, Vauxhall and Peugeot to name a few.

Outside of the Automotive industry Elly’s client base ranges through different industries including Recruitment and Construction with company sizes ranging from small local business to large global brands.

As a designer of training too Elly is able to apply the different learning methodologies to tailor to client’s individual needs and will always qualify to bespoke as required. She understands that training followed by coaching is four times more successful than training alone and works closely with clients ensuring success.

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